International Understanding Day
This year’s I.U. Day theme was a fresh new change from the previous themes we’ve done.
America : Bringing the Back to the Future was it. The dress code was simple. Following the American culture all the way from the past to current fashion gave us a choice of whether to dress in the styles of ‘Retro’(kind of like Austin Power’s Flower Power thing), ‘Black and White’(Sophisticated like in the old black and white films) and  ‘Ghetto’/’Hip Hop’.
The main attraction of the event would probably be meeting new people and the opening of the dance floor at the end of the event. That’s when sweat never felt so good.
While anticipating, a series of activities followed. We always have ‘Lucky Draw’ where you stand a chance to win awesome prizes just for sitting your bum down. It’s a win win situation isn’t it? Several games were played as well which involved the whole crowd. Well, the whole crowd’s laughter that is. Interactors Krystal and Adrian were in charge of that and did an amazing job.
We also carried on the tradition of having an Incoming and Outgoing Board performance. Both were dance performances that impressed the audience as it was clear to see. Shortly after that, the rhythm of the music and hard beats of the songs got everybody’s groove working up an…appetite for dance? Well that’s what everyone did. It started out with a few brave dancers tapping their toes and moving their feet to Mambo No.5 then along came the rest of the crowd. There were so many people on the dance floor that banging into each other became normality towards the middle of the song. However, the easy steps got everyone moving like professionals in no time.
There were many other super fun activities on that day and will be more to come. The next I.U. Day is sure to beat previous ones so gear yourselves up and join in the fun!
Pictures will be posted up soon so look out for them!
Venue: Sky Room, 15th Floor, Federal Hotel
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Saturday, May 19, 2007
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